Zoey's Surprise!
26 September 2020
Here is the surprise I promised everyone! This was an unplanned breeding as two litters at a time is a bit much, but Copper and Zoe were super sneaky! Their little brief love tryst resulted in five beautiful pups, 3 male rubies and a female blenheim and a female tri! They are a little early so require extra time and attention from me so forgive me if I don't get back to you right away. I will give updates when able.

Huge thank you to Deb from Brunswick's Cavaliers for the awesome tips and talking me through everything last night when my body and brain was exhausted. Breeders should always support one another and I'm thankful I have great ones I can reach out to. Thank you to my long suffering husband and my good friend Trish who was my second pair of hands throughout the afternoon and evening.
Ceci: Few More Days!
17 September 2020