• Michael Fritz

    Hi there, I’m inquiring to see what your wait list is like for a Female Blenheim Cavalier. I looked on your site and you have beautiful pups and I would like to know more.

    Just a few details, we are a family of 6,kids are 5,7,10 and 12 and we are all really excited to get a Cavalier. We had 2 beagles who passed away last year abs the year before and we have done the research and feel like a Cavalier would be a perfect fit for our family! We live close to a ravine and a dog park and go on daily walks. There is airways someone at home so they will always have company.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!


    • Brad moore

      I was wondering what the wait list was for a pup
      My wife and I lost our “Callie” about 16 months ago
      We miss our cavalier allot and we feel it’s time for another or maybe 2
      We are both retired and empty nesters and looking for the joy of having dogs back in our lives
      Please let me know
      And thank you for your time
      Brad moore

  • Linda Lavallee

    Do you have any pups available now or in the next 6 months? Please, we just lost our little Roxy, 12 years old, and would like a new puppy to keep Bugsy company. Also, I am medically disabled and have found Cavaliers to be great bed bugs and caring companions.


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